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Digital Health

Digital Health Records helps doctors and patients with digital health data presentations optimizing information retrieval, highlighting clinical relationships and integrating converging health information streams. Most importantly, DHRs support complex cognitive tasks such as diagnostic performance, probabilistic analysis, and therapeutic decision-making.

Health Analytics


Artificial Intelligence based Healthcare Technology for Super Specialty Medical Practices.

Artificial Intelligence

Medication management & Precision Medicine, Treatment Design, Precision Patient Triage...

Decision Support

AI based Risk Stratification & Calculators, Clinical Parametric Analysis, Drug Interactions...

UMLS & Medical Coding

Auto Generated Unified Medical Language System, SNOMED, ICD10 & LOINC Coding.


Post-procedure monitoring of ECG, BP, Pulse, SPO2, Blood Glucose, Pedometry & Weight.

Health Analytics

Phenotype and Genotype Algorithms on Heathcare Big Data for Research & Reporting.

Discharge Summary

Electronic Discharge Summaries auto-generated for different procedures & medical conditions.


Webservices API for Interconnect with Pathology & Radiology Labs and online pharma portals.

HIPPA & Biometrics

HIPPA compliant Platform is Biometric enabled for Doctor, Patient, Digitizer & CPOE Access.

Digital Health Records

DHR reduces information gaps at the point-of-care, reduces pressure on clinicians to synthesize best evidence, review more patient data and complete more clinical tasks in less time.

Digitization Service

AI based Digitization Service helps digitally convert Patient's Paper Health Records

Medication Reminders

SMS based Reminder Service for Patients to adhere to the Medication Regimen.

HIPPA-Data Security

Platform is fully HIPPA Compliant. Data is secure in transit, in-store and in-process.

Appoitment Reminders

SMS based reminder service helps patients not to miss their doctor's appoitments.

Flash Drive DHR

DHR in a Flash Drive helps Patients go consult doctors who aren't over the Platform.

Connected Wearables

Clinical parameter monitoring is made easy using connected Wearables and Potable Devices.

Digital Wellness

Healthcare is not just about disease care. Its about optimal maintainance of one's health; specifically for chronic & post-procedure patients. Integrated wearables technology helps specialist doctors monitor the vitals, physical activity & critical parameters of patients regularly, to ensure timely and appropriate clinical interventions.

Healthcare Control

Self Help & GP Consults

Free Post-procedure support by General Practitioners. Self-help medical information for patient education.

Free GP Consultations

Your Family Doctor on call. Free for first 5 calls yearly.

Self Help Information

Detailed Patient education info on medical conditions.

Appoitment Scheduling

GPs schedule specialist appointments for critical cases.

GP Followups

GPs followup for Post-procedure and acute Patients.

Precision Health Profiler

Artificial Intelligence based Patient Health Profiling helps patients determine
their medical condition and the right specialist doctor to consult.


It's personalized, detailed Health Profiling of the patient's medical condition.

Interactive & Multimedia

Patient Health Profiling is systematically interactive aided by pictures and voice support.

Precise Diagnosis

Differential diagnosis is over 95% precise for all organic medication conditions.

Emergency Warning

All Emergency medical conditions are flagged for urgent medical attention..

Doctor Discovery

Precise doctor discovery with options, is based on Patient's condition and needs.

Health Profile Report

Detailed report is availabe to the Patient and Doctor for review & action.

Computerized Provider Order Entry

CPOE helps medical practitioners order prescription medicines and clinical tests online and receive test results without any time lag; delivering life saving benefits for patients.

Pathology Portals

Interconnects with third party & hospital pathology labs.

Radiology Portals

PACS Connect with third party & hospital Radiology labs.

Online Pharma

Interconnects with third party & hospital Pharma Stores..

Specialty Labs

Interconnects with Specialty Labs like 2D Echo, Angiography...

Web Services API

Tools for Third Party Labs to interconnect with TopDoc.AI


Pharmacy to instatly view & provision the Prescriptions.

Electronic Discharge Summaries

EDS System helps doctors auto-generate patient specific discharge summaries, almost instantly with options to make necessary modifications.

Electronic transfer to GPs

Instant EDS transfer to Patient's GPs to mitigate patient risk & safety issues.

Standards based

Standards based EDS to be readable both by Clinicians as well as Computer Systems.

Timely Completion

Editable EDS is generated on-demand from the Patient DHR.


Editable EDS is auto generated from the Patient's Digital Health Record.

Custom Notes Templates

Specialists can create custom notes for all the operations & procedures conduct.

Better Post Procedure Care

EDS helps in better Post Procedure Care, using interactive careplans

Flash Drive DHR

Every Registered Patient is issued a Flash Drive containing the Patient App with his/her Digital Health Data. The Auto-play Patient App, in the Flash Drive, can be used by Doctors & the Patient to view the Health Information offline. Even Doctors who aren't on TopDoc Platform can access the Health Data. The Flash Drive automatically Synchronizes with the Patient's Portal the moment it is online.

Just-In-Time Appointments

Using the TopDoc Mobile Apps, Patients can reduce the wait times at the Doctor's Office. The Geo-location enabled App notifies the Patient when exactly he should be at the Doctor's Office in order to limit the waiting time. It also cautions the Patient if he is beyond the distance limit, when he can't make it to the appointment on time.


How it Works: Physicians

(Note: Steps 7 to 17 will be available in Version 2.0 release.)

How it Works: Surgeons

Trusted Care for Every Healthcare Situation

Need to see a Specialist Doctor?

Right fit, rated Specialist of your choice will meet you at the appointed time. Doctor will have access to your Digital Health Record and the Prelimnary Diagnosis Report.

Need expert second opinion?

Right fit, expert doctor of your choice will provide the second opinion on your current diagnosis & treatment plan in few days. No travel required.

Planning medical travel?

Partner managed fully inclusive medical travel service extends technology driven end to end solutions, including ground arrangements.

Already in hospital?

We can quickly connect the selected specialist doctor, with your care team at the hospital, when the Specialist discuss medical condition details and advice.

Need upcountry care?

Upcountry patients can avail Tele-medicine services, second opinions & post procedure care. They can also avail end-to-end medical travel services.

Securing medical records?

Securely store your Digital Health Records and share with your doctors and healthcare providers. Keep your medical records handy using your TopDoc's Flash Drive.

Video Insights of the Platform

Just watch this video to get some insights of the Patients' Portal.

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Patient App is fully integrated with the TopDoc Healthcare Platform and the Patient’s Digital Health Record. Patients can

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  • 2. Book & Manage Appointments
  • 3. Order Medicines based on Prescriptions issued over the Platform
  • 4. Order Lab Tests based on the investigations advised by the Doctors.
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