Artificial Intelligence based digital

*CIS: Clinical Information Systems

Artificial Intelligence based CIS Portal for Super Specialty Medical Practitioners, Group Practices and Hospitals managing clinical care of Patients with Chronic & Acute Medical Conditions.

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Artificial Intelligence
DOCTORS product

Digital Clinical System

Helps in delivery of safe & quality healthcare to patients with chronic and acute medical conditions. Aids Doctors in their clinical reasoning process with extensive analytics, data presentation and decision support. Complete digitization of the Paper based health records using Artificial Intelligence, enables doctors freeing up time substantially, enabling better & efficient interactions with Patients. Multiple studies indicate that it helps doctors in achieving improved healthcare outcomes.

Decision Support

Digital Practice System

Helps specialists differentiate, retain and grow their patient base; have a broader global reach; receive peer comparative analytics; profile & control patient flow with strong financial benefit; and migrate their existing referral network online. It will also help healthcare providers monitor their digital progress against best global practices, and to enhance the value they derive from their digital activities.

Practice Automation


Artificial Intelligence based Healthcare Technologies for Super Specialty Medical Practices.

Artificial Intelligence

Personalized Precision Medicine, Treatment Design, Precision Patient Triage, ...

Decision Support

AI based Risk Stratification & Calculators, Clinical Analytics, Drug Interactions...


Auto Generated Unified Medical Language System, SNOMED, ICD10 & LOINC Coding.


Post-procedure monitoring of ECG, BP, Pulse, SPO2, Blood Glucose, Pedometry & Weight.

Health Analytics

Phenotype and Genotype Algorithms on Healthcare Big Data for Research & Reporting.

Discharge Summary

Electronic Discharge Summaries auto-generated for different procedures & medical conditions.


Web Services API for Interconnect with Pathology & Radiology Labs and online pharma portals.

HIPPA & Biometrics

HIPPA compliant Platform is Biometric enabled for Doctor, Patient, Digitizer & CPOE Access.

Digital Patient Portal

The backbone of the Doctor Portal is the fully digitized, analytics & clinical decision support enabled, HIPPA Compliant Patient Health Record.

Digital Health Record

Digitizer Service helps convert their Paper based Health Records into fully digital health data.

Biometric Access

Portal Access for patients/ doctors is through Biometrics as well as other secured authentication methods.

HIPPA-Data Security

Platform is fully HIPPA Compliant. Data security is ensured in transit, in-store and in-process.

DICOM Imaging

Medical Imaging can be viewed from within the Platform; powered by the TopDoc PACS Server.

Flash Drive DHR

DHR in a Flash Drive helps Patients view offline and consult doctors who aren't over the Platform.

Auto Medical Coding

Auto-generated Medical Coding & UMLS is a huge time saver for medical practitioners.

Cinical Decision Support

Built-in Decision Support System based on machine learning, is customized for the medical specialist practitioner.

Risk Calculators

Specialty specific risk calculators like Syntax Score, STS Risk Score, Euro Score...

Risk Stratification

Tool to identify and predict high risk patients and prioritizing of their healthcare.

Clinical Intelligence

Provision of in depth analysis of mandated & customized clinical outcome measures.

Drug Informatics

Utilization of drug data and medication data to improve quality of prescription.

Clinical Management Aids

Indicators to maximize Technical, Economic & Patient Satisfaction levels.

Prescription Studies

Analytics of Impact of Drugs on Clincial Parameters and prescription management.

Computerized Provider Order Entry

CPOE helps medical practitioners order prescription medicines and clinical tests online and receive test results without any time lag; delivering lifesaving benefits for patients.

Pathology Portals

Interconnects with third party & hospital pathology labs.

Radiology Portals

PACS Connect with third party & hospital Radiology labs.

Online Pharma

Interconnects with third party & hospital Pharma Stores..

Specialty Labs

Interconnect with Specialty Labs like 2D Echo, Angiography.

Web Services API

Tools for Third Party Labs to interconnect with TopDoc.AI


Pharmacy to instantly view & provide the Prescriptions.

Electronic Discharge Summaries

EDS System helps doctors auto-generate patient specific discharge summaries, almost instantly with options to make necessary modifications.

Electronic transfer to GPs

Instant EDS transfer to Patient's GPs to mitigate patient risk & safety issues.

Standards based

Standards based EDS to be readable both by Clinicians as well as Computer Systems.

Timely Completion

Editable EDS is generated on-demand from the Patient DHR.


Editable EDS is auto generated from the Patient's Digital Health Record.

Custom Notes Templates

Specialists can create custom notes for all the operations & procedures conduct.

Better Post Procedure Care

EDS helps in better Post Procedure Care, using interactive careplans.

Publications & Research

Extensive Analytics to help Specialist Doctors to Analyze their Patient Data and use it in their paper presentations, Research and statutory reporting.

Phenotype algorithms

Algorithms to classify phenotypes in healthcare data.

Genotype Algorithms

Algorithms to classify genotypes in healthcare data.

Big Data Analytics

Capture, Cleaning, Storage & Security of healthcare data.

Charts & Tables

Presentation aids needed for Research & Publications.

Portal Publication

Paper Publication for TopDoc Specialist doctor community.

Knowldge Sharing

Knowledge sharing with TopDoc Specialists’ Community.

Precision Patient Triage

Patient triaging uses an extremely powerful AI system. Based on a 5-minute interview, the system generates a Triage Report; that doctors can use during consultation. Specialists will receive the Report prior to the patient visit. Digital Health Record with detailed health analytics will also be available to doctors during consultation.


Patient Referral Service

Specialists can precisely determine the kind of patients they would like to be referred to by the TopDoc Platform; with filters such as medical conditions, procedures required, payment methods or geo-location. The System helps doctors to spread their system referrals between clinic visits, telemedicine calls, second opinions and medical travelers; for both domestic and international patients. They can even setup their own differential fee structure.


Strong Financial Impact

The Platform helps specialist medical practitioners reach out to their local, domestic and international patients. TopDoc will be covering millions of patients locally, nationally and globally. Technology helps specialists deliver a great experience to their patients; while delivering quality healthcare to upscale and International Healthcare seekers. Specialists will be able to have a social connect and communication with their existing feeder referral network.


Practice Differentiation

All the specialists are scored based on the experience and the range and number of procedures that they have operated; based on self-declaration and feedback from peers. Bucket differentiators precisely present the specialist expertise, helping medical practitioners stand out prominently. Doctors will have access to real-time peer comparative analytics, which include Patient Perception Index, Peer Performance Index, Social Visibility Index and Clinical Performance Index.



Practice Valuation

Patient Data Ownership, Anonymous Health Data Ownership, Recurring Revenue, Growth thru Referrals, Practice Ratings
Additional Recurring Revenue, Enable Online Connect with Own Referral Network, TopDoc Web Referrals, Secondary Revenue thru Online Services & Integrated Medical Tourism
Patients, Peers, Referrals & Healthcare Market
Fully Integrated, Connected & Automated
Zero Patient Wait Times, Integrated Network of Apps: Secretary, Reception, Attendant, Patient App & Web.
Streamline Consultation Processes, Maximize Consultation Outcomes, OP/IP Clinical Documentation.
Capture using Individual Apps, Analytics, Automated, Personalized Discharge Summaries.
Clinical Analytics, Risk Scores, Risk Stratification
Wearables, Patient Monitoring, Clinical Outcomes data availability, Post Procedure Management.
Clinical & Practice Management
Healthcare Data and Analytics
Migration of Past Patient Data
Data Digitization thru Artificial Intelligence
Knowledge & Data Sharing with Peers & the Referral Network
Instant Messaging with Peers & Referral Network
HIS Connect
Quality Medicines Delivery to Patients

Video Insights of the Platform

Just watch this video to get some insights of the TopDoc Platform.

Specialist Doctor App

The Specialist’s App is a Private App. It’s accessible only for specialists registered, verified & authorized over the TopDoc Platform. Please contact our customer service for the access credentials.

Download the Specialist App from the Play Store.


Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions of specialist doctors and their group practices.

Can any Doctor view TopDoc DHR?

Patients are issued a Flash Drive DHR that can be viewed by any MCI Registered Medical Practitioner. It can be viewed and updated offline too, which gets synchronized with the Cloud whenever online.

How does Referral Network work?

Specialists Doctors can setup all their existing Referral Doctors and Agencies on their Portal. The Referral tools help specialists to grow their referral network. TopDoc also refers patients from the automated Triage System

Will it work for Group Practices?

The Doctor Portal is designed to work for Specialist Doctor practices whether it is individual or group practices. Roles can be defined for the Treatment teams as well as the administrative staff.