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Great Opportunity for Pharma Distributors and Pathology, Radiology & Specialty Labs.

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Specialist Doctors over TopDoc Platform generate thousands of Prescriptions and Investigation requests daily. While some requests are fulfilled in-house by the Clinics/ Hospitals; substantial number of requests are processed outside this realm, particularly in post procedure and care continuity services of TopDoc. TopDoc routes these requests, on Specialist Doctor advice, to the Pharma and Lab Partners.
TopDoc Platform provides a fully integrated, end-to-end solution for processing the prescription and investigation requests and deliver the services to the patient door steps.

Franchisee Opportunity

If you are a Pharma Distributor or a Pathology, Radiology or Specialty Lab, here is an opportunity to scale up your business.

Contact our Franchisee team for information and to know more about the opportunity. Please email our Franchisee Development Team at

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