The Platform helps Specialist Practices in Patient Acquisition, Customizable Workflows for “Just-in-Time Appointments” and “Clinical Events” for Out-Patients & In-Patients, Data Acquisition at every Patient Touch Point based on UMLS, SNOMED, LOINC and ICD10 Standards, Data Analytics, Decision Support including Risk Calculators/ Stratification and Personalized Medicine.

Specialist Doctors

Specialist Doctors at Clinics, Group Practices or Hospitals can use the CIS Platform for delivering Managed Clinical Care and Personalized Medicine to the Patients. Current focus is on Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology, Cardio-thoracic Surgery, Nephrology, Neurology, Diabetes & Hypertension Clinics.

Enhance Clinical Outcomes

Knowledge sharing, Instant messaging, Wearables, Continuous Patient Monitoring, Quality Meds Delivery and Clinical Outcomes data capture.

Clinical Data Capture

Distributed Data Capture using Mobile & Web Apps for Doctors, Analytics & Reporting. OP/IP Clinical Documentation, Past Clinical Data Digitization.

Clinical & Business Analytics

Distributed Data Capture using Mobile & Web Apps for Doctors, Analytics & Reporting. OP/IP Clinical Documentation, Past Clinical Data Digitization.

Just-in-Time Appointments

Controlled Patient Wait Times, Integrated Network of Mobile Apps: Secretary, Reception, Doctor Attendant, Patient App & Web.

OPD & In-Patient Workflow

Fully Integrated, Connected & Automated Patient Workflow, digital data capture at all patient touch points using Mobile Apps & Tablets.

Practice Valuation & Revenue

Anonymous Health Data Ownership, Recurring Revenue via the Platform, Take your Referral Network online, Web Referrals & Integrated Medical Tourism.

specialist doctor


Patients with Chronic or acute medical conditions can get better control of their healthcare outcomes using the Patient Mobile & Web Apps over the CIS Platform.

Personalized Medicine

Listening to your Body, helps in the healing process. The Patient App helps create an In-App Identical Biochemical Twin of yours. Analytics run on this data is delivered to the Specialist Doctor for follow-up action.

AI based Health Profiler

Many times you may not know your medical condition. App’s Health Profiler understands your medical condition and advices which specialist to consult, and on-request will fix Appointments.

Continuity of Care

Patient Health Record is available both Offline or Online viewing over the Patient App and Online. Any Qualified Doctor, with or without TopDoc membership, can View and add to your Digital Health Record.

Continuous Monitoring & Analytics

Different People respond to Meds differently. For a Diabetic Patient, Your Physician will have to fine-tune the Meds Strengths to maintain Blood Sugar Levels. Similarly, Cholesterol, Creatinine, HbA1c… This is Level-1 Personalized Medicine.

Digitization & DICOM Imaging

Health Data on Paper & CDs may get lost or corrupted. Digital Health Data can help you get better health outcomes. Medical Images, including Large Format Videos like Angiograms… are stored & accessible online for Doctor Review anywhere.

Just-in-Time Doctor Appointments

Managed Appointments helps you enter Doctor’s Room exactly as per App Updated Time; giving you Freedom & making it less Stressful. The System will detect your Geo-Location and inform you if you are going beyond your geo-fence.

Integrated Clinical Investigations

Test Results get updated instantly for Review and Advice by your Doctor, wherever he is using Anywhere Consulting

Zero Wait time at Hospital Pharmacy

Soon after Doctor Issues Prescription, at your request, Hospital Pharmacy Packs your Medicines and keeps it ready for you to Pick-up.

Pill Reminder

When you are advised to take a lot of Meds, you may need help identify Meds. Your App can do that for you and will even give an alarm at the appropriate time.

24/7 Doctor On-Call

While undergoing treatment under the Specialist, you have a lot of questions, while undergoing treatment. Emergencies may arise. 24/7 Doctor will help.

Clinical Services

Digitization of Scanned Health Records of Patients, is a massive task. Manual digitization is time consuming and error prone; needing validation by a qualified doctor. Artificial Intelligence based Health Record Digitization speeds up this process substantially over the TopDoc Platform.

At TopDoc, ‘Franchised Medical Doctor Teams’ handle validation of Digitized Health Records. The same ‘franchised doctor teams’ handle the 24/7 Support to the Patients also. Each Doctor Team goes thru a stringent screening process including HIPAA compliance, during the appointment as a Franchisee.

Clinical Services

Service Providers

Clinical Workflows over the TopDoc Platform, generate Clinical Investigations and Prescriptions; usually requested by Specialist Doctors. However, Patients need investigation & Pharma Services both during and outside the Clinical Events.

Over TopDoc Platform, Investigations and Pharma requests are routed to Specific Labs as determined by the Specialist Practice. However, Prescription Refills and Post Discharge Investigations are processed thru TopDoc Franchised 'Pharma and Lab Partners’.

Service Providers

Super Specialty Hospitals

Patient Acquisition Services, Hospital Management System (HMS) and the Clinical Information System (CIS) need tight integration for maximizing Clinical and Revenue Outcomes. These in turn need tight wrapping with the Hospital Portal for extending Online Services to the Patients.

TopDoc Platform delivers secured, exclusive CIS for a Specialist Practice or a Super Specialty Hospital. The CIS needs tight wrap interconnect with the Hospital (Clinic) Management System. TopDoc has created Web Service APIs for Hospitals to integrate their HMS with TopDoc CIS at various very crucial patient touch points.

Data Interchange API: Patient Appointments, Patient Registration, TopDoc Referral, TopDoc Regional Medical Tourism Referral, Clinical Events, OPD Consultation, Hospital Admission Request, Surgery Admission Request, Annual Health Check Request, Investigations Request, Investigations Results, Prescription, In Ward Clinical, ICU/SICU Clinical, Discharge, Auto Discharge Summary, Clinical Analytics Request, Risk Scores Request, Business Analytics Request, Referral